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November 9, 2016

Thank you Karen from Viva Tastings for taking such good care of us. No question was left unanswered when we were booking, the food was delivered on time, the selection we chose was a hit with our guests and the food tasted amazing! Overall my son’s first birthday was a total success, thank you Viva Tastings for playing such a big part in it. ~ Jen
October 7, 2015

Karen and Kal were wonderful and really have a passion for food and passing on what they have learned in their profession to get the most out of what you eat !
August 13, 2015

Very unique flavour pairings that worked incredibly. Unanimous among party guests that they were impressed with the catering.
January 1, 2015

We had a party on December 21st for family from afar and old friends. . It was our party first large one in several years and I wanted everything to be better than perfect. IT WAS! Thanks to vivatastings and the very well organized creative chef, Karen Viva-Hayes.

Guests savoured her lamb balls terrines, pates, arctic char, so prettily presented. There were many requests for the names of the creators of these delicacies and especially for the young sous-chef who helped prepare the delicacies and their presentation. 'Cal' was charming and appropriately convivial with guests. An added plus, for me was that he was an environmentalist, and had good advice when asked about the healthy foods that went into the making.

Ann Buttrick
December 16, 2014

first, let us say how utterly delicious all our food has been
this week! We definitely would like to pick up another order on Saturday morning - and then when again can we order? I recall that you will be off on the either the first or second week of January.
One last thing - for this order, could you provide a list of what we should pair together? It would be great to get your advice on this!
Cheers, Fiona
September 6, 2014

Everything was just delicious! We couldn't believe it was all gluten-fee and so yummy. It was a great party and the food was an important part of that. This is definitely a great way to entertain around our island and we look forward to booking again! Rill
April 16, 2014

excellent class, well done, organized and perfect, intimate working space.
Thanks, Karen
Deb and Doug
March 14, 2014

I’d eat my shoe
If it was cooked by you,
And surely John would eat his sleeve
In any stew prepared by Viva
Divine is everything you make,
In fact I’d even eat a snake
With Triple By-pass Chocolate Cake!
—as recited to John O. by Holly
October 23, 2013

I planned a team building event with Karen for about 40 people, and although the group was quite large, Karen and her staff were beyond organized. The group was very health conscious and had some dietary restrictions, but Karen was able to put together a wonderful menu encompassing all of our requests.

The guests enjoyed the hands on aspect, and of course the meal was delicious as well! At the end, everyone got to take home a package containing all of the recipes used during the class.

Thank you Karen and team for a priceless experience! I look forward to working with you again!
April 27, 2013

Charming location matched with amazing food. We had a blast and learned a lot of useful culinary skills along the way.

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